Modifications of Root

Roots in certain plants change their shape and structure (like thin, bend, etc) and become adjusted to perform works other than assimilation and conduction of water and minerals. They are altered for help, stockpiling of food and breath (Figure 5.4 and 5.5). Tap foundations of carrot, turnip and extrinsic underlying foundations of yam, get swollen and store food. Would you be able to give some progressively such models? Have you at any point thought about what those hanging structures that help a banyan tree are? These are called prop roots. So also, the stems of maize and sugarcane have supporting roots coming out of the lower hubs of the stem. These are called brace roots. In certain plants, for example, Rhizophora developing in marshy territories, numerous roots come out of the ground and develop vertically upwards. Such roots, called pneumatophores, help to get oxygen for breath (Figure 5.5b).